The Third Forth bridge: an experience

They’ve been building the Queensferry Crossing for so long it feels like we should be celebrating its centenary, never mind its opening. So many years of driving down towards Ferrytoll and finding out the road layout is completely different every single time – I sweated my way through four driving tests in case the test route took me down there and I ended up in a pile of cones GTA-style. Thankfully I didn’t have to drive over it on the day it opened, as a broken down lorry (beautiful irony) and a swathe of people who wanted to be among the first to cross meant it was choked with traffic by rush hour.

Sean and I waited until 11:30pm to drive across, but by that time it was disappointingly dark and we saw nothing outside of the headlights. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to cross it as one of the 50,000 people selected by ballot to walk over it at the weekend. Unlike the Forth Road Bridge (known going forward as ‘Old Bridge’) the New Bridge is going to be motorway all the way so no pedestrian access after this weekend, so despite the fact that I was ridiculously light headed, I made the 1.7 mile wake in glorious blue sky sunshine, and it rammed home something I’ve been slowly realising over the past year.

Three of us
With the parents pre-crossing. Maw wanted a photo, Paw and I weren’t keen, hence my awkward hands.

I love where I live. I love Scotland. I’ll sit and slag Fife off until I’m purple, but I love it here too. I love the water and I love the bridges. One of my earliest memories is waving to my dad in his drivers cab at the end of my grandparents’ garden in North Queensferry when he was crossing the rail bridge. My wedding reception is on the south bank of the river, between the rail and road bridge.

And, despite all of the protests of “it’s just a bridge, get over it” (which is the best unintentional pun ever by the way) I’ve grown up in the shadow of these bridges and it was really cool to walk across the new one.

This has been a relatively brief wander through the weekend as I’ve spent most of it lying on my back with food poisoning, idly wondering whether I’m more likely to be sick or explode but yeah. Bridges are cool and Scotland is cool. Peace out and look at these photos I took.

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