Happy Holidays!

Happy Boxing Day! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. I’ve spent the weekend at my parents’ house, sleeping in my old bedroom with my dad’s golf clubs and dartboard, my mum’s collection of cacti, and both cats. Said cats are the reason I nearly took a cactus to the face in the night.


Here’s how I’ve spent Christmas:

  • Went to my wedding reception venue, ate the best beef I have ever had and drank so much gin I had a hangover on Christmas Eve.
  • Disappointed my mother with my drinking. Not because I was drunk, but because I wasn’t keeping up with her due to said hangover.
  • Was quite delighted with my Kindle Fire from my parents (Thanks Mummy and Daddy Mac) and celebrated by downloading A Christmas Carol. Which I’m enjoying more than I thought I would, given that in the past I’ve generally found the “classics” to be unavoidably dull.
  • Drank a lot. Including this excellent gin from my mother in law. Which I’m now tipsy on.


  • Was pipped to the post in the family “Who Am I?” quiz, but redeemed myself by crushing the family music quiz shortly afterwards.
  • Got my sister to teach me how to do my makeup properly. I think my first attempt at winged eyeliner hasn’t gone too badly.


  • Was ill and at risk of missing the Boxing Day Dinner Extravanganza due to the fact that I spent two hours in the middle of the night lying on my back sweating and feeling dreadfully sick.

Whether you had a great Christmas or a shite one, I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday (as I refuse to recognise the time between Christmas and New Year as a real week) in whatever way you see fit. With your friends, with your family, by yourself, in your house, in the pub, in your pyjamas. Be kind to yourself.


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