Kids TV: the Hall of Fame

Last week, Sean decided to point out I look like Oakey Doke. Fortunately for him, we’ve already put down money on the wedding.

oakie doke

It got us both talking about what programmes we used to watch when we were younger, and we had a great time watching YouTube videos of 90s kids TV shows and reminiscing. My mum used to tape a load of these while I was at nursery. Here are some of the best.

I’m not over the fact that I know people who are younger than most of these, by the way. Stop it.


This one is technically after my time, proven after a debate with Sean where he was convinced it was broadcast in the early nineties. (First broadcast in 2002, FYI fact fans.) When my mum worked in early years education we used to record it so she could bring it in for the kids, and we all inevitably ended up watching it from beginning to end.

So innocent and pure. Plus Archie lived in a pink castle, which is the most extra thing I’ve ever seen and I love it.

Come Outside

The Original G. If you didn’t watch this I strongly suggest you find it online and acquaint yourself. Lynda Baron flying around in a spotty plane with a dog? Making up songs about everything? Teaching a generation of children how washing up brushes and teapots are made? Hell yes I’ll come outside, but only if I can hang out with Pippin.

Fireman Sam

I just about choked on my tongue when Sean told me he’d never seen Fireman Sam. He’s always on the scene! How is this possible?

Fireman Sam endures today, but like several kiddie TV shows of years gone by it’s been given the CGI animation treatment. Can someone with kids who’s watched the new ones confirm if Norman is still a little shit?

Fun fact: when I was very small the line “Someone could be in a jam” confused me. I pictures someone stuck inside a jam jar.

Fun fact II: there was an episode where they felled some trees and because I was little I shouted “timla” instead of “timber”. My parents still bring it up.

Camberwick Green

Here is a box. A musical box!

Will it be the excellently- named Windy Miller, owner of yep, you guessed it – the windmill? Or PC McGarry Number Four Five Two? Or probably-wouldn’t-get-away-with-calling-him-that-now Paddy Murphy the baker?

See also: Trumpton (no, not the US) and Chigley for further adventures in the same vein.

Joshua Jones

Now I’m going to hold my hands up here and say that I don’t remember a HUGE amount of significant detail about Joshua Jones. I only ever saw three or four episodes but for some reason the theme tune has stuck with me for 25 years, to the point where I could have sung it for you on demand.

I found the opening credits on YouTube and showed Sean, and he kept saying “I’m SURE I’ve seen this. But I’ve never heard of Joshua Jones! But I recognise that character!”

Eventually it clicked that he’d been watching it in Gaelic. He doesn’t speak Gaelic.


I have inevitably forgotten a true classic, so please shout at me in the comments with your favourite. Unless it’s Brum. Screw Brum. Creepy cars are not my jam.

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