The Ten Album Tag

You might have seen the Facebook meme “Post the artwork of one of your favourite albums that you still listen to every day for ten days”. I was tagged by my buddy Derek, but as I’d inevitably forget to post something for ten days in a row, I’ll whack ’em all in one blog.

The Facebook post also says “No explanation required” but GUESS WHAT we’re not on Facebook.

Automatic For The People – R.E.M.


I waxed lyrical about this album here. Still has the same effect on me as it did seventeen years ago.

Oregon – Broadway Calls


I discovered Broadway Calls when they were supporting Alkaline Trio in Glasgow. It’s the first time I’ve genuinely really enjoyed a support band. Their debut album is still one of my favourite pop-punk records ever.

The Sickness – Disturbed


“Shout 2000” was playing on repeat when I got my first tattoo and it led me to the rest of the album. There’s not a bad track on it.

Take This To Your Grave – Fall Out Boy


Call me a purist, but I really don’t like Fall Out Boy’s new stuff. I’m a pre-hiatus person. TTTYG is the absolute pinnacle of Fall Out Boy for me. If you want my high school aesthetic on one album, this is it. I love it.

Good Mourning – Alkaline Trio


One of the soundtracks of my high school life. It’s dark and creepy and sinister and somehow really sweet in parts. Lyrically glorious.


Nevermind – Nirvana


I was a classic disaffected, miserable teenager, and I discovered Nirvana at pretty much the right time. First Teen Spirit, then “Come As You Are”, but my favourite was and still is “Breed”.

Peter Bradley Adams


I stumbled across Peter Bradley Adams on one of my first forays into World of Warcraft. It was autumn, the sun was going down, and I was sitting in my bedroom listening to Leavetaking. You know how some songs slam you back into the moment? “I’ll Forget You”, running around a cornfield saving things.

After the Party – The Menzingers


The Menzingers are one of the best bands around at the moment, and this is a genuinely flawless album. It covers the awkward period around turning thirty, when you’re not young or old and feel lost, and includes “Lookers” –  probably my most listened to song on Spotify.

Heartland – Runrig


I found this on vinyl in my house and it had an effect on me that very few albums ever had. Listening to “The Wire” on a cold, midwinter evening made all of my hair stand on end. Plus “Cnoc Na Feille” is THE creepiest song ever written. I accept no substitute.

Stunt – Barenaked Ladies


My mum really started my love for Barenaked Ladies. Stunt is my favourite of their albums – it starts with the classic “One Week” and includes my favourite track, “Light Up My Room”. Everything in between is sweet and irreverent and pretty good fun.


There you go Derek! If anyone else wants to do this, consider yourself tagged.

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