MagicFest Bilbao

Harry’s MagicFest Bilbao judge wrap-up!

Possibility Storm

Bilbao was a different experience than I was expecting. I was both very anxious about the event but also very relaxed, it crept up on me quite a lot until Wednesday when I realized oh damn I’m at a MagicFest this weekend.

I traveled down to Bilbao with a precarious but optimistic transfer window. My first leg was already delayed by half an hour when I arrived at Manchester and left an hour late, I was automatically transferred to another flight at Frankfurt, which was five hours later. Lufthansa proved to be a good choice alas as everything was very much handled including food which I had forgotten, leading me to consume five consecutive chicken sandwiches.

A sight that never grows old is – a view over a sea of clouds.

Following on from Prague, I made a new MagicFest tradition by playing two-headed giant sealed with another…

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