Welcome Back Me…


I used to blog about books, but I haven’t been active in any sort of book community for a long time. Part of the reason was that over the past year my mental and physical health frankly sucked and I didn’t do an awful lot of reading.

Part of the reason was that I accidentally ended up going viral when I wrote a blog post around sexism in the game Magic: the Gathering (which I’ve played for seven years now) and ended up accidentally being A Bit Of A Voice. I’ve been throwing a lot of my energy into trying to make things better for the community by supporting and standing up for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Also I got pregnant, had a dreadful pregnancy and now I have a baby!

This is she!

Being stuck under a squishy human who won’t nap anywhere other than in my arms during the day seems like an ideal time to start reading in earnest again, especially as I seem to have a habit of leaving my phone and Switch with about 6% battery and ending up out of options.

Writing has always been an outlet for me, and as much as I love being a mum it can be incredibly lonely and isolating having a baby, especially in the middle of a pandemic when all the resources and groups meant to combat it aren’t on. I’m hoping that blogging will be a chance for me to recharge by letting me put some energy into something that’s just for me, as well as an opportunity to connect with people while I’m in the house being drooled and pooed on!

We’re big on book-inspired outfits in my house.

So, reintroduction: I’m Kirsty, I’m 28, and I live in Scotland with my husband, our baby and two cats. I’m really into being obnoxiously loud on the internet about gender roles, feminism and LGBTQA+ issues. I also like games and angry guitar music.

I primarily read Young Adult fiction, but I also really like si-fi and fantasy so I’m trying to read more widely in those genres. (High Fantasy I struggle with because I have no interest in wading through two pages describing a tree, but my husband used to read a lot of HF so we have a ton of it. I might give it another go.) Inevitably as my daughter gets older I’ll talk about baby books and stuff as well.

You can follow me on Twitter @paperbckpunkrock – I’ll link my Goodreads account to it when I remember – to see what I’m up to or currently reading, or follow the blog to catch my updates. Regardless, I’ll see you around. 🙂