Book Review | Daisy on the Outer Line – Ross Sayers

Cranachan Publishing

After selfish student Daisy makes a scene at her stepdad’s funeral, she drunkenly falls asleep on the Glasgow subway and wakes to find she has travelled back in time. And to make matters worse, she’s in someone else’s body.

To make amends for her behaviour, she must save a life—but she doesn’t know who, how, or where to begin. She’ll have to find out fast if she wants to make it back to her old life and avoid being trapped in the wrong timeline forever.

First of all, Daisy on the Outer Line is hilarious. I was snorting after about ten pages, and it takes a lot for a book to actually evoke a physical reaction in me. Genuinely witty writing with the kind of typical Scottish observational comedy that makes me cackle. It’s written in Scots as well, which I absolutely love – it was like sitting down with one of my pals, which was a tonic given the current situation.

Daisy should be incredibly unlikable, but her flaws are so deeply human and relatable that you’re cringing alongside her, and quite often you just want to give her a cuddle. There’s no shying away from the fact that she’s selfish and self-absorbed at times, but she’s equally fragile and warm and funny. There’s just something about her that’s hits different from the usual “sad girl puts up a front” character, and she’s an absolute treat to follow.

It’s a time travel book with a touch of the spiritual and a contemporary YA heart, and knew it was going to be a five-star read after the first couple of chapters. I was right. Congratulations, Ross, you’ve done it again.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One thought on “Book Review | Daisy on the Outer Line – Ross Sayers

  1. This book doesn’t sound all that great from the description but after reading your review I’m thinking it might be worth a read. I like time travel stories and I’m badly in need of books that will make me laugh! 🙂


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